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Wood Omens

Triple Set Dice Vault and Tray- Customizable Wood Selection

Triple Set Dice Vault and Tray- Customizable Wood Selection

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Elevate and display your favorite polyhedral dice set in this luxury dice vault Can't pick a favorite dice set? Tired of your dice rolling off onto the floor? We have a solution for both! Tote around your top-performing polyhedral dice sets in this luxury dice vault carved from Black Walnut. When vaulted, each set resides in its own pocket, separate from the other two sets because only you know how best to mix and match. The top and bottom of the vault are fitted and further held together with magnets so you need not be concerned with your dice breaking out and running away.

Each species of wood that we offer has its own unique characteristics and beauty. Dark or light, figured or straight-grain, rustic or pristine...each piece is selected by hand with our products in mind. We go so far as to carve from our favorite part of the wood and make every attempt to capture and retain any non-structural imperfections. These blemishes highlight the beauty of the wood, add to the uniqueness of each piece, and remind us of why we work with wood and not plastic. 

All of this means that the product you receive will be uniquely yours.

At Wood Omens, we really love wood and want you and your dice to love it too!

Note: The woods used in the image in this product listing are Sugi (open) and Narra (closed)

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