• Will I receive exactly what is pictured?

    Most items are made to order based on selections made during purchase. However, some items, such as charcuterie boards, are one-off items and the picture is of the exact item that you'll receive.

  • How long will it take to receive my order?

    Typically, 1-2 weeks. We will start making each order within 24 hours of purchase. In some cases, we may have the materials selected and be able to begin crafting the item immediately. However, as many of our materials are exotic, we will go select the wood specific for your product ASAP and then get started crafting the item. When we ship your order, you will be notified vial email.

    Please allow an extra day for orders place on Sunday as many local establishments are closed. 

  • Why not use plywood like most things I see on...?
    Generally speaking, we love working with wood. We also love the uniqueness of the many species of wood available to us. Should a product benefit from plywood construction, we are definitely not opposed, but we'd like to craft unique items that show off the natural beauty of domestic and exotic woods.

  • Wood is organic! Expect it to be unique!

    Please note that wood is organic. It may be 'dead' but every piece is unique and, as it ages, it may move or darken from moisture or UV exposure. We protect all of our products using finishes that seal the wood and block UV but it's not plastic. Like any cutting board or piece of furniture, it will develop it's own character as it ages. Additionally, some figure in the woods we select will include slight imperfections. Generally speaking, the more figured the wood, the more imperfections may be visible; knots, curl, quilting, swirls, etc. We consider this part of the wood's natural beauty and it should in no way detract from the functionality of the product.

  • Dissatisfied?

    If you are unhappy with your purchase or it fails to function/live up to your expectations, please let us know as soon as possible.
    We will work with you to fix or replace your item.

  • Feedback/Suggestions are welcome.

    If there's something we can do differently, do in addition, or improvements you can think of...tell us! If there's a product you'd like that you think fits our existing product line...let us know!

    If it's within our capability to do so, we will. And, if your feedback or suggestion leads to a new items, you should expect free merch or discounts!