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Wood Omens

The Turret (Dice) Tower

The Turret (Dice) Tower

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This elegant dice tower is a mid-sized dice roller designed to randomize your dice action while looking sekz on the table. It comes in two shapes, circle and hex (though, honestly, we'd shape it like a pig if you asked for it to be shaped like a pig. We'd charge you a little more but, "Hey! Who wants a pig dice tower???).

Moving on...

When you're not in game it collapses down to a solid little structure that would look classy on any mantle or coffee table. Or, if you turn it the right way, you can see into the ramp entrance and it looks a little like a turret...if turrets were made of wood and really small and sat on coffee tables. Let's say it RESEMBLES a turret.

Great action. Great looks. And it doesn't shoot you!
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