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Wood Omens

The Flanking (Dice) Tower

The Flanking (Dice) Tower

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Small, reinforced, and designed to be outside of the main defenses...wait. Sorry, we let the comparison between this extremely portable dice tower and actual castle defense features get away from us. On to the tower!
This mighty little thing measures only 4 1/2" x 8" x 1.5" which is, you guessed it, pretty small! We didn't have a banana for perspective when staging the photos so here are a few comparisons: the adult hand, your phone, a deck of cards. If you count the base it's slightly longer than each of those but someone left our pyramid shaped hands, phones, and card decks with the bananas. I'm sure it's the intern. Interns do things like that.

But we digress! This was created at the request of a 'wasn't initially a customer but now is a' customer who liked the idea of a dice tower but felt wagging a larger tower around the city wasn't feasible. So we did what anyone would have done and locked him in a room and forced him to consult with us until we came up with something he WOULD buy!

Moving on. The inner chamber is 1.2" so there's plenty of room to send your polyhedrals rolling to their fates but it's small enough to fit in your pocket (barely, if you have a pretty good sized pocket) and rugged enough to rush around town. 

The inside is lined with felt and the encloser is held together by both friction fit and magnets. Select your species and get rolling!
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