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Wood Omens

The Adventurer's Travel Pack of Holding

The Adventurer's Travel Pack of Holding

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You know how, at the start of a game when your DM gives you a proper budget to equip yourself? You go sifting through all the starting gear and make sure you're prepared for anything. Oil! Flask. Ladders. Ropes. Block and Tackle. Mirrors. DIAMONDS! Okay, maybe no diamonds but you're set for the adventure  because you're DM is awesome and you've shoved all your bits and baubles into your bag of holding. Do you know that feeling? Well, that feeling is this kit.

It's got everything you need to sit at the gaming table like a boss and easily track all of your runtime vitals as you play without even picking up the pencil (though t also has storage for a pencil. Just saying.) You'll even gain the respect of your hosts when you whip out you dice prison/coaster and demonstrate how you can lay the smack down on your misbehaving die AND not leave rings on the table at the same time. Only this kit allows you to do that within the same round. You don't even need to use your reaction! That is totally unique to this kit!

The Adventurer's Travel Pack of Holding comes with all of the following:

  • Tablet/Phone Stand
  • Dice Tower with Integrated Rolling Tray
  • Spell Slot Tracker
  • Hit Die Tracker
  • Dice Vault/Prison
  • Dice Tray
  • Coaster
  • Pencil Storage
  • Storage/Travel Box

Then, when you're ready to pack up and leave, everything in the kit collapses and/or nests together into roughly the footprint of a piece of notebook paper and is still less than 3" thick!

Designed to travel and to look effing amazing, your entire Pack of Holding will be carved from a single piece of wood. While more expensive to craft this way,, this maximizes the durability and amazinglookingness of the pack. It is our hope that you'll be able to hand this down to your kids and grandkids someday. Actually, no. Don't do that. Make them buy their own!  

Production and Shipping Notes:

This is a premium offering and each one takes several days to craft. Please be patient as your order could take a couple of weeks to ship, We will email you when yours goes into production and let you know of any delays, should they occur.

Wood Species Selection:

Due to the tight tolerances in this design and reduced availability of lumber in the required size, the selection of wood species for this product is limited.

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