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Wood Omens

Coffin Dice Vault and Rolling Tray

Coffin Dice Vault and Rolling Tray

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Are you the harbinger of death; the master of the undead; the fiend who wears decay like your Sunday finest? No?

Well, do you like coffins, and bats, and chill touch, and badass people named for a day of the week? Yes? Great!

This coffin is the perfect accessory for such a discerning individual. Beautifully stained in midnight black and adorned in a rich, red velvet your dice will look as alluring as any Nightstalker in this masterpiece. 

Bonus: If you happen to have any friends who are tiny vampires, this dice tray can easily double as a guest bed. The velvet really is plush!

We select each piece of wood by hand with our own products in mind and then carve from our favorite part so yours will be completely unique.

At Wood Omens, we really love wood and want you and your dice to love it too!

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